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80+ Best General Knowledge Questions in English

We will provide questions (best GK in English) that will help you easily prepare for any competitive exam. Here you will find the best general knowledge questions, as well as the answers. So that you can perform well in a competitive exam. These questions will be useful to you in many exams. GK Questions with Answers in English  1. Who among the following wrote Sanskrit grammar? A.  Aryabhatt B.  Charak C.  Kalidasa D.  Panini (Answer: D.  Panini) 2. The metal whose salts are sensitive to light is? A.  Copper B.  Aluminum C.  Silver D.  Zinc (Answer: C.  Silver) 3. Patanjali is well known for the compilation of – A.  Panchatantra B.  Yoga Sutra C.  Ayurveda D.  Brahma Sutra  (Answer: B.  Yoga Sutra) 4. The National Chemical Laboratory is located in..... A.Bengaluru B. Mumbai  C. Pune  D. Hyderabad (Answer: C. Pune)  5. Which one of the following rivers originates in Brahmagiri range of Western Ghats? A.  Cauvery B.  Tapti C.  Krishna D.  Pennar (Answer: A.  Cauvery) 6. Chambal river is